RIPSTER Health & Wellness Coaching

Promoting Health through Nutrition, Exercise, and Lifestyle

Follow me in the pursuit of Health, Happiness, and Longevity.

What can a ‘Health Coach’ do for YOU? As your Health Coach, I walk with you down the path to improved health and wellness. Although I do offer personal training services, health coaching is MUCH more than just exercising and healthy food choices. There are many factors that lead to diminishing health and well-being. Things like stress, chronic disease, weight loss/gain, poor time management, harmful lifestyle choices, misinformation, and lack of support can all contribute to a decreased quality of life. As your personal coach, I will help you:

-Identify your health goals and needs

-Create a personalized game-plan to help you reach your goals

-Implement and help sustain behaviors that are conducive to your progress

-Assist you in reducing the negative impact that current and/or past health conditions have made on your life

-Keep you on track to continued progression

-Provide motivation and support throughout your journey

Wait, isn’t that what your primary care physician is supposed to do? Well, yes! But how much can they help you in a 15-minute visit every few months?? Not much! Plus, even with good insurance, the price to see the primary care physician can be outrageous! Health Coaches are quickly emerging as the “go-to” source for life-changing practices and routines. Let’s work together to create a new and better YOU!